Training Posts


Clinical training posts facilitate workplace hands on service learning and exploration in a range of training environments providing the opportunity for the trainee to develop, with supervision, the requisite experience, knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to become a competent independent specialist neurosurgeon. Each training unit has its own profile for patient case mixes, supervision, staffing levels, working requirements for trainees and equipment. Each clinical training post has an allocated supervisor, satisfying the requirements in the Training Post Accreditation Regulations. Clinical training posts are accredited in accordance with the Training Post Accreditation Regulations available below.

Download the Training Post Accreditation Regulations here
Download a list of accredited training posts and supervisors here

Training Post Accreditation

The standards, terms and conditions for the assessment and accreditation of training posts for the Training Program are outlined in the Training Post Accreditation Regulations.

Application for accreditation can be made from a single training unit (primary hospital) or a collection of collaborative training units (a network) for accreditation of a training post or posts.  For a network there must be one primary hospital responsible for the education and oversight of any allocated trainee, and additional hospitals specifically identified which are party to the application. To be considered for a training post (including re-accreditation), applications should be received no later than 1 March in the year prior to allow for completion of the accreditation process prior to the final allocation of trainees.  Applications received after 1 March may be held over to the following year. The application forms are available below for downloading.  The application must include the accreditation application form and the accreditation logbook form.

Download the Training Post Accreditation Regulations here
Download the Accreditation Application Form here
Download the Accreditation Adult Logbook Form here
Download the Accreditation Paediatric Logbook Form here

Trainee Allocations to Training Posts

A Training Post Committee appointed by the Board of Neurosurgery conducts the allocation of trainees to accredited training posts during all clinical training years.  The Training Post Committee consists of:

  • Two elected members of the Board of Neurosurgery 
  • The Board of Neurosurgery trainee representative  (or nominee)
  • The neurosurgical representative on the RACS Trainee Association  (or nominee)
  • The NSA Chief Executive Officer

Trainees must be rotated through a minimum of four training units during their Training Program to ensure they receive a wide exposure to systems, supervisors and case mixes. This will often include two different jurisdictions so trainees must be prepared to move interstate and between Australia and New Zealand during their Training Program.

At the commencement of training, trainees will be asked to nominate a preferred region where they would like to undertake the majority of their training. Trainees will then be given the option each year to rank the accredited training posts in the Training Program in order of preference for the following year. If a trainee fails to rank the accredited training posts, the assumption is made that all training posts are of equal preference. Hospital administrators of accredited training units will also be given the opportunity to submit preferences for trainees. 

Trainees may apply to have special circumstances considered relating to their training post allocation in accordance with the Training Program Regulations (Regulation 1.8). This can include reasons why there may have been a change in their preferred region which they would like considered. Where received, such requests will be processed in accordance with the Training Program Regulations (Regulation 1.8). Any decision resulting from that process impacting on training post allocations will be communicated to the Training Post Committee and will be binding.

Preferences from trainees and hospital administrators will usually be sought in March by email for the following year. The training post allocations will usually be finalised in July for the following year.

In conducting the allocations, the Training Post Committee will take into consideration the preferences and individual trainee circumstances including progression, experience and the ability of the training units to provide for the trainee’s specific needs. The decision of the Training Post Committee is final and trainees are not permitted to swap training posts.

Trainees are recommended to training units (employers) for appointment to accredited posts. Training units (employers) retain the right to not employ recommended trainees.

 Download the Training Program Regulations here

Trainee Assessment of Training Positions

The assessment of training posts by accredited trainees is a critical component of the training post review process. All trainees are required to complete the online training post evaluation form on a six monthly basis providing information regarding their experiences in their accredited training post. The training post evaluation forms are kept confidential and are not released to hospitals or supervisors.

Trainees will receive an email link to complete the forms twice a year during July and January.