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The Neurosurgical Society of Australasia invites institutions to advertise neurosurgical research projects and positions on this website.  For information on the projects and positions please contact the individuals listed within the advertisements.

Neuroscience Research Fellow

A full time neuroscience research fellow is required to work at the Epworth Richmond Hospital. Clinical research into 3D printing, neuromodulation, and neurosurgery will be the focus of this opportunity. Drafting for scientific publication will be required.
The position will be funded by a stipend and surgical assisting. The applicant must have a Medicare Provider Number.
The position would ideally suit a medical doctor interested in undertaking a PhD or post graduate qualification.
For further enquiries please contact:

Ally Pasoska on (03) 9421 5844 or
Philip Lewis on (03) 9421 5346 or

Research Position Advertisement

If you would like to advertise a research position or project on this website please email full details to our office for consideration.

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