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Welcome to the homepage of the Neurosurgical Society of Queensland (NSQ). The NSQ was founded in 1980 and aims to foster a unity of purpose within the profession and advocate for improved neurosurgery services for the people of Queensland. The information on this page is supplied by the NSQ and any updates should be sent to the President of the NSQ at [email protected].


The current president is Dr Hamish Alexander, a Brisbane based Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon. The NSQ remains unique in Australasia as a state based neurosurgical society and provides strong advocacy for the profession in Queensland. The society meets three times a year and provides a forum for discussion of relevant issues.

A list of current members can be found here.
The Constitution can be found here.


With a long and proud history the Neurosurgical Society Queensland has grown from strength to strength. From nine founding members, the NSQ has grown to 50 today. It crosses the divide of the Brisbane river and reaches from the state capital of Brisbane to other centres across Queensland, and encompasses both the private and public sectors.

When the society was founded in 1980, it’s stated goals of were to:

  • promote the honourable and excellent practice of neurosurgery in Queensland
  • encourage and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and practice in the art and science of neurosurgery for the benefit of the sick and injured in Queensland
  • foster and promote the study of medicine and neurosurgical sciences in particular
  • promote, foster develop and assist research into the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the nervous system

It was key to the goals that a forum should not be a group pursuing or promoting their own personal, professional or financial advantage.


  • 1954 - Appointment of the state’s first neurosurgeon J.G. Toakley by the Mater Hospital on Brisbane’s south side
  • 1955 - The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) on the north side appoints Ken Jameson as neurosurgeon
  • 1960s - Leigh Atkinson and Glen Merry initially propose the idea of the NSQ while they were both registrars training in UK but planning their return to Queensland. They both believed that it was important to foster a co-operative environment within the neurosurgery ranks of the state.
  • 1969/70 - Dr Atkinson and Merry return to Brisbane
  • 1970s - There are now five neurosurgeons employed across the two neurosurgical units at the Mater and RBWH
  • 1980 - The first meeting of the Queensland Neurosurgical Society, as it was to become known, was held at the United Service Club Brisbane on 26 August. The nine attendees were Drs J.G Toakley, J Yelland, G Merry, L Atkinson, J Smith, M Weidmann, G Stuart, R Rossato, and I Yaksich. 
  • 1984 - The co-ordinator role, filled by Dr Glen Merry was replaced by an elected Chairman role which was seen primarily as a chance for young neurosurgeons to gain valuable experience in leadership.
  • 1986 - The Society meetings move to Queensland Club where they continue to be held in the current day.