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Training Program Curriculum

Statement of Competence

The overall objective of the Training Program is to produce competent independent specialist neurosurgeons with the experience, knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to provide the communities, health systems and professions they serve with the highest standard of safe, ethical and comprehensive care and leadership. To achieve the overall objective, competencies of a graduating trainee have been developed in the RACS competency areas of medical expertise, technical expertise, judgement, communication, collaboration, management and leadership, health advocacy, scholar and teacher and professionalism. 

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Syllabus Modules

The competencies have been integrated into specific learning outcomes at differing levels which are aligned with the syllabus modules and curriculum components.  The learning outcomes are delivered by a number of learning methods and opportunities as outlined in the curriculum including structured educational programs, skills courses, self-directed learning and workplace hands on service learning and exploration. To assess the accomplishment of the learning outcomes multiple assessment tools and performance based standards are applied to determine the degree of progression towards the competencies and suitability to continue training.  To evaluate the effectiveness in achieving the overall objective the assessment of learning outcomes and other evaluation mechanisms provide direction on potential improvements to the curriculum, training activities and learning methods and opportunities.  

The syllabus modules encompass differing levels of learning outcomes which are aligned with the curriculum components for each level of the Training Program. Neurosurgery is a rapidly changing field and although the Board aims to provide a comprehensive, relevant and current syllabus there may be instances when major changes or new advances in neurosurgery require the trainee to develop an understanding not encompassed by the syllabus.  The trainee is expected to develop independent learning skills. The syllabus should facilitate the development of those skills. The syllabus should guide but not limit the trainee’s ongoing education.

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