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Annual Report 

We are delighted to present the first Annual Report for the Australasian Shunt Registry for the period ending 31 December 2020. The Annual Report is available here .

As the Shunt Registry continues to develop and mature, we are committed to delivering more comprehensive reports to guide best clinical practice and processes and to ultimately improve health outcomes for patients.

Government funding for the Shunt Registry extended

We are very pleased to announce that The Hon Greg Hunt, Minister for Health, has extended funding support of $100,000 for 2021/2022 for the continued operation of the Australasian Shunt Registry.  The Australian Government recognised that the Shunt Registry is a critical component in driving quality improvement for patients suffering from hydrocephalus. 

The initial funding was secured with support from Senator Catryna Bilyk, Labor Senator for Tasmania, who was instrumental in taking our cause forward. The Hon Chris Bowen, Mark Dexter, Andrew Garde and all the committee members and supporters of the Hydrocephalus Support Association also played a key role. It is as a direct result of their tireless efforts and advocacy that this funding has been secured enabling the Shunt Registry to continue its important work.

Thank you to the Hydrocephalus Support Association and supporters

Due to the lack of external funding, the ongoing viability of the Shunt Registry was threatened due to the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020. We would like to acknowledge the extraordinary effort of Andrew Garde, the executive and all the members and supporters of the Hydrocephalus Support Association who raised $90,000 in response to the crisis.  We are heartened by the continued dedication and passion for the Shunt Registry. For more information on the Hydrocephalus Support Association click here:

Snapshot Report

This info-graphic gives an overview of the data that is currently entered into the Shunt Registry.